Jaden + Brooke | Bismarck, ND Couples Photography

When your little brother (who's not so little anymore) asks if you'll take photos of him and his girlfriend, you definitely say yes. It's crazy to think we're both done with college now, and slowing moving into what we both had always hoped for our futures. Jaden met Brooke about a year ago through tennis, and they continue to be the cute, smiley couple I've seen since the beginning. And, now, with these photos, I can be a cheerleader from the sidelines. Thanks for letting me capture you both in your element! 

Annie + Jake | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

Annie and Jake are one of those all-star couples. I grew up with Annie as we went to all the same schools, and played both basketball and track together. Even though she was both super talented and competitive, she was also incredibly kind and that always made her stand out to me and those around her. Jake was no different, excelling at sports while having a ton of friendships.

Thankfully, these two started dating late high school, and continued throughout their years at college, and knew it'd be forever from there on. Everyone at their wedding was more than excited to celebrate these high school sweethearts.

September 9th arrived and we had the most gorgeous early fall day. The sun was out, and pops of red we're shining through. Annie was simply GORGEOUS in her wedding dress, and Jake loved his Packers suit jacket pins from Annie. Nothing could have gone better.

Thanks so much for letting me share in your day, it was one to remember!

Ellie Jahner | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Meet Elli and her gorgeous smile! What really got me, though, is her stunning blue-green eyes... you may see more than the normal amount of close ups ha. Ellie loves all things outdoors so we went to some of my favorite spots with huge trees turning colors with the season, and we certainly had one heck of a sunset.

Have a wonderful senior year!

Edland Family | Bismarck, ND Family Photography

It's always fun when you get to photography family, especially when its up at the family lake cabin. It's always gorgeous out there, and we had the perfect night. We played, we ran, we found a frog, and we drove the four wheeler. Perfect, right? I think so.

Thanks for having me, love you guys!

Makenzie + Nathan | Bismarck, ND Backyard Wedding

When I ran into a high school classmate at the grocery store one weekend a couple months back, I never expected it would lead to an intimate, backyard wedding. But it did, and I loved it all! (When you say backyard, brunch, and sunrise photos all-in-one, you better believe I'm in!)

Makenize + Nathan made their day everything they wanted it to be, and it was one of the most special weddings I've ever been to. Family was at the heart and it was beautiful. Congrats on your perfect wedding day - I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together! Thanks for letting me be apart of it.

Rachel Leblanc | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Rachel is a beauty! Even with a windy evening, she was flawless. Between that late August glow and her incredible sense of style, it was a perfect night. I mean, seriously, is there something Rachel couldn't pull off!?

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful self!

P.S. On the note of wind, I thought I'd leave a little pro tip here for you. When it comes to wind, just let it be. Find the angle of its direction and play! It's like having a build it model-fan, making hair look glorious. Just let go of 'perfect' and have some fun.

Camping in the Badlands | Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND

Camping! My family growing up went camping nearly every weekend, so when our friends decided to get together and spend a weekend in the north unit of the badlands, I was totally game. Plus, it was a good way to test out our ambulance-camper before completely remodeling it.

We went the middle of August, and we had gorgeous weather. I had never been to the north unit campground before either, and wow, was that pretty. Its definitely quieter, filled with trees, and you're very close to animals. We seemed to have the same herd of buffalo around us nearly the entire weekend (sometimes a little too close), between driving on the roads, walking the trails, and even one time at the campsite. 

Of course, it wouldn't be camping without some tasty food and drinks so we hammocked, we slept, we ate, we explored, and we ate some more. The main day of camping we took a five mile trail that took us from the top of the badlands, down to the valley, and back up again. We got to see everything, and you feel like you're the only people in the world. Amazing. And my favorite part of all was sunset. Sunset in the badlands should be a bucket list item for anyone... honestly one of the most pretty landscapes I've ever seen. I could sit there for hours watching that sun go down, the shadows falling into the valley. 

And what would any adventure be without something going wrong (right?). While our ambulance-camper worked perfectly (another story for another day), we got a flat tire in the middle of no where, and hadn't thought beforehand to find a spare. I mean, these are old ambulance tires... not something you find every day. Thankfully, though, we were near Watford and by some miracle we made it to Dickinson by using a air pump. It took a bit of searching around that week, but we found a couple tires (one to replace and one for a future spare) and were able to bring our camper home safe and sound.

Special thanks to all our friends who made the trip and explored with us! Love you all. Until next time...

Here's a group photo of us all :) Thanks for the photo, Brad!

And lastly, some favorite mobile photos!

Demi Lorinser | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Meet Demi! She has the most wonderful laugh of all time, and is super fun to be around. I graduated high school with her older sister, and instantly I could tell they're related. Similar personalities and of course those gorgeous eyes!

For Demi's senior session we started downtown playing with some urban rays of light, then she had this adorable hat for exploring up north of town, and finally went to one of my favorite lake spots to soak in the final moments of sunshine.

Thanks again for having me + have a wonderful senior year!

Emily + Kyle | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

This is a day I won't forget!

I met Emily and Kyle last fall when they got engaged, and I knew from our very first meeting just how kind and loving they are towards each other and their family. Come their wedding day, both we're anxiously awaiting the moment they'd see each other (even more so than usual). As if time had stood still, the near second Emily tapped on Kyle's shoulder, Kyle just burst into happy tears and embraced Emily. They continued to read their vows to each other in that sweet, sweet moment.

And of course, as all weddings seem to have something that goes wrong, this one tops the cake. (And I only say that because Emily and Kyle were so amazing about it!) While their wedding ceremony was at a lake north of town about an hour, on the way home the limo ran out of oil! Yes, you heard that right. So we had to hitchhike, them and the whole bridal party, back to town for the reception. It was too good not to photograph, and just another reason this day was unforgettable.

Of course, we all made it back, and partied on. Thanks so much for letting me celebrate with you! You and your family are the sweetest. Cheers!

Mattaya Mills | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Introducing Mattaya! In our short time together, I could already tell how down-to-earth, happy, and confident she is. From exploring into the meadow, to riding bike on the track she was completely and 110% true to who she is, and I loved it all. Thanks for being you!

Have a wonderful senior year.

Brick Family | Bismarck, ND Family Photography

Oh man, I love this family so much. I first met Ben a couple years ago as we worked on the same design project together. He's one stellar illustrator, that's for sure. And then I met the beautiful Rebecca as they helped me turn a simple idea into an amazing event for makers in our community. Separate, they're crazy talented and kind. Together, they're amazing and one of the sweetest couples I know. If you know them, you know what I'm talking about. 

Thanks so much for letting me capture your sweet little family and Dillon's cute smiles.

Jerrica + Jarrod | Medora, ND Wedding Photography

It seems completely crazy to think I only met Jerrica and Jarrod at their engagement session this summer because they are two of the nicest, most kind people I've ever met. It certainly doesn't take long to feel apart of the family! Especially on their wedding day.

We spent the day on Jerrica's family farm only miles from the gorgeous landscape of the badlands, and went to a spot they often ride horses to for their first look. How special is that! While it was super hot, these two didn't miss a beat and we're more than excited to run and climb around the bluffs (any photographer's dream) so you could say it was one amazing day.

If that wasn't enough, their wedding reception at the farm was filled with tons of Ukrainian traditions from dancing around the head table for good luck, to kissing under the handkerchief, and spontaneous chanting for the bride and groom. We snuck away at sunset, and then they danced the night away.

Thanks so much for having me, it was truly a dream day. You two are going to love marriage!

Hannah Steckler | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Introducing the lovely, Hannah! Between her amazing fashion sense and her big smile, she was a total natural. We loved getting to do some modern shots, but then also ending up in a still sunset by the lake. Getting to see North Dakota at its finest is one of my favorite parts of photography, and this session certainly saw it at its best.

Have a wonderful senior year, Hannah!

Marleigh Buechler | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Marleigh was a total natural in front of the camera! From her big smile to her natural movements she made my job easy. Along with her mom and boyfriend, we went to one of my favorite urban locations and then we hit the road and headed for some of my favorite local landscapes. Jalen, Marleigh's boyfriend, especially enjoyed exploring around. We even got a photo of them together!

Thanks for having me! Happy senior year!