Mattaya Mills | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Introducing Mattaya! In our short time together, I could already tell how down-to-earth, happy, and confident she is. From exploring into the meadow, to riding bike on the track she was completely and 110% true to who she is, and I loved it all. Thanks for being you!

Have a wonderful senior year.

Brick Family | Bismarck, ND Family Photography

Oh man, I love this family so much. I first met Ben a couple years ago as we worked on the same design project together. He's one stellar illustrator, that's for sure. And then I met the beautiful Rebecca as they helped me turn a simple idea into an amazing event for makers in our community. Separate, they're crazy talented and kind. Together, they're amazing and one of the sweetest couples I know. If you know them, you know what I'm talking about. 

Thanks so much for letting me capture your sweet little family and Dillon's cute smiles.

Jerrica + Jarrod | Medora, ND Wedding Photography

It seems completely crazy to think I only met Jerrica and Jarrod at their engagement session this summer because they are two of the nicest, most kind people I've ever met. It certainly doesn't take long to feel apart of the family! Especially on their wedding day.

We spent the day on Jerrica's family farm only miles from the gorgeous landscape of the badlands, and went to a spot they often ride horses to for their first look. How special is that! While it was super hot, these two didn't miss a beat and we're more than excited to run and climb around the bluffs (any photographer's dream) so you could say it was one amazing day.

If that wasn't enough, their wedding reception at the farm was filled with tons of Ukrainian traditions from dancing around the head table for good luck, to kissing under the handkerchief, and spontaneous chanting for the bride and groom. We snuck away at sunset, and then they danced the night away.

Thanks so much for having me, it was truly a dream day. You two are going to love marriage!

Hannah Steckler | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Introducing the lovely, Hannah! Between her amazing fashion sense and her big smile, she was a total natural. We loved getting to do some modern shots, but then also ending up in a still sunset by the lake. Getting to see North Dakota at its finest is one of my favorite parts of photography, and this session certainly saw it at its best.

Have a wonderful senior year, Hannah!

Marleigh Buechler | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Marleigh was a total natural in front of the camera! From her big smile to her natural movements she made my job easy. Along with her mom and boyfriend, we went to one of my favorite urban locations and then we hit the road and headed for some of my favorite local landscapes. Jalen, Marleigh's boyfriend, especially enjoyed exploring around. We even got a photo of them together!

Thanks for having me! Happy senior year!

Say hello to Jalen!


Jenna + Zane | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

It's funny to think how I met Jenna years ago in the middle of freezing cold, middle-of-nowhere, North Dakota and how her day was anything but that. Jenna met Zane in a season of life where she was confident, not searching for anyone, and of course a life goes, that's when she met her prince charming. 

When I hear the story, it sounds like it took a little convincing right away, but it wasn't long until they realized they we're the one for each other. Of course, doing long distance as they did, certainly made things clear and the heart more fond. And the story only gets better from there. 

On their wedding day, those years of long distance were now over, the cold had left and summer was here, and together they promised forever. What a sweet, sweet day it was.

Love you two!

Alie Glasser | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Alie was so fun to hang out with! Alongside her mom and boyfriend, we explored a friend's local farm filled with all sorts of animals (even a donkey!) and then we danced in fields, and finished with some fun at the dessert. And of course, a special surprise at the end...

Thanks for having me, Alie! Happy senior year!

And when you have a super awesome handshake with your boyfriend, you better bet we're going to get photos of it!

Summer Sturm | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Summer is so cute! Even though you can't tell at all, she often laughed at how awkward she felt in front of the camera, but of course, she was great at it. The night of her senior session we completely dodged a storm, and found an incredible field with purple little flowers. So perfect. Thanks for having me, Summer!

Cheers to a great senior year!

Ashley Feist | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

A month ago I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley from Beulah, and quickly I could tell how comfortable she felt in front of the camera. She totally rocked it! Whether striking a serious mood downtown or dancing in the fields at sun down, she was a natural. Thanks so much for letting me get creative and capture some amazing moments. Have a wonderful senior year!

Alicia + Caleb | Bismarck, ND Couples Session

I could say so much about this awesome couple, so for now I'll *try* to keep it brief...

I've known Alicia for years, and when she started dating this guy in Minneapolis while we were both in college, I had to meet him. At the time, I was also challenging myself and learning more about photography so thankfully they let me photograph them only weeks into their relationship. (Awkward, right!?) 

But, if you know these two, you know they're all smiles and being goofy, so the session was wonderful, and I remember driving away after we were done knowing Alicia had found her guy. I just had that gut instinct.

And sure enough they got married! It was an honor to be apart of their wedding day, from start to finish, and its been fun watching their lives together ever since. 

June of last year, Caleb and Alicia moved home to Bismarck for a season of their lives while they waited for their next journey ahead. It takes a lot of perseverance and tenacity to wait as they did, and so I look up to them for it. They knew what they wanted, they knew it was the right decision, and they lived it out. 

And today they are in that new journey abroad. The wait has paid off! But before they left, just weeks ago, I insisted they had to capture what this season of their relationship looked like while in Bismarck. Every season counts, even if in the waiting.

So, cheers! Cheers to transitions, new journeys, and this truly amazing couple. Love you two!

Maddie Blasl | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Meet one of the sweetest seniors this year, Maddie. I'm pretty sure her smile could make anyone happy at a moment's notice, and I personally love that we share in the dimples club. Maddie wanted all things outdoors for her session, and I was all for it. From the forest to the fields, we got to play in it all. Plus, the sunset was truly amazing, making the most elegant glow across the horizon, so of course we had to dance and spin a little.

Thanks for having me, Maddie!

Kaylin Weigel | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Meet Kaylin, a stellar senior from Napoleon High! We had a gorgeous night to show off who she is, from the beautiful fashionista to her passion for basketball and volleyball. Not to mention she has these incredible blue-green eyes, you can't miss.

Have a wonderful senior year, Kaylin!

Baby Anna | Bismarck, ND Newborn Photography

What a precious, beautiful little girl. I have SO MUCH love for this family, and now its a whole new season of life with the arrival of sweet Anna. I've know Whitney for years... I think she said this is our seventh session together!? Absolutely crazy, yet incredibly wonderful to be so close to a family. Thanks for letting me be there every step of the way!

McKayla Kurtz | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Everyone, meet McKayla from Jamestown High! It's truly been amazing getting to photograph such incredible seniors from all over the state. McKayla has quite the fashion sense, from downtown urban vibes, to dancing in the middle of the field. We had the perfect sunset, and the night couldn't have been sweeter.

Have a great senior year, McKayla!

And of course, special thanks to best friends that come along for the session! Can't wait to take your senior photos in September, too!

Tom + Whitney | Bismarck, ND Proposal Photography

For this story, I have to backup just a little...

This past January myself and a group of young adults took a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico and on that trip I got to meet Tom for the first time. I had known Whitney from previous events, and throughout the week I started to realize how much these two really liked each other. We spent hours, yes hours, shoveling gravel under the bright Mexico sun, and even then, sweaty as can be, these two still had a good time. A couple days later, we all did an obstacle course and slack lined down, and while Whitney was a little cautious at first, Tom was so kind and helped her feel comfortable enough to go for it. Together, they jumped and held hands to the bottom.

While I only got to hang out with them for just over a week, I'm pretty sure that a couple who can work hard together like that and help each other conquer their fears, is a pretty dynamic couple.

So, when Tom surprised me with a 'photo job' a couple weeks ago, I was totally on board! Not only was he going to propose, but he was going to do it on the day he was closing on his (their) new home! Talk about a surprise. I showed up early, hid for a while, and anxiously waited for their arrival. Sure enough, they pulled up, Tom got on his knee, and Whitney couldn't stop smiling! Loved. every. moment.

Thanks for letting me capture your very first moments as fiances! SO excited to see what your future holds in your new home.

Courtney + Dave | Minneapolis, MN Wedding Photography

Early on in high school I knew I wanted to go to school for design, which later lead me to Northwestern in Saint Paul. My time at Northwestern was filled with an incredibly education, a creative community, and countless people with genuine hearts. Courtney was one of those people.

My sophomore year of college, Courtney was my RA and a fellow art student. We got close that year along with several other girls, and so being asked to photograph her wedding years later was an honor!

Throughout the entire day, Courtney was smiling ear-to-ear, and I wouldn't expect any less. Her smile is contagious! I'm so excited she found Dave, and I love them together. Thanks so much for letting me be apart of your wedding day!

Mallory Jensen | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Mallory is the first senior of my senior season! Every year its a bit nerve-wracking jumping into something that's not quite as fresh, but I'm always amazed how creative and excited I feel after getting back in it. Mallory is no doubt incredibly gorgeous, and with her mother and sister alongside to cheer her on, we had an amazing time together from beginning to end. She even climbed through head-high weeds in heels! Super proud of her, and excited for her adventure ahead!

Laci + Ben | Minneapolis, MN Family Photography

I truly adore this family in every way. I met Laci a long time ago via church, and it was a joy watching her fall in love with this 'Ben' later when I was in college. Of course it was still from a distance and social media, but you could just tell he was the one. Fortunately, I was able to attend their gorgeous wedding that fall, and now they have sweet, sweet Brooklyn and I finally got to meet her. She has the biggest eyes, and the chubbiest cheeks. She's incredibly happy and very playful. Thanks for letting me capture those precious moments!

Shayla + Cam Knutson | Fargo, ND Wedding Photography

So much to say about these two and their incredible day... Over the past couple months I've gotten to know Shayla and Cam, and from our very first night together for their engagement session, I knew this day and this couple was special.

There's a few things you should know:
1. They absolutely LOVE their family.
2. Shayla is the best cook!
3. They're both huge advocates for downtown Fargo.
4. Their dog, Mochi, is the most loved dog ever.
5. They started dating back in early high school + crazy about each other.

All of those things and more we're apart of their big day, and it couldn't have gone better. I can't wait to see all that's in store for these two. Thanks for letting me be apart of your big day, Shayla + Cam!


Suits: Halberstad's ND
Wedding Dress: Posh Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo
Catering: Chefs Table Catering
Bridal Earrings: Your Day by Nicole
Bridal Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Wedding Rings: Royal Jewelers Fargo by Tacori
Venue: Sanctuary Events Center