10 Things I Love About The Honda Ruckus Lifestyle | Bismarck, ND Product Photography

I'm about to introduce you to one of my favorite products in the entire world: The Honda Ruckus. Now, I must say that I was not paid, in any means, to promote this scooter. This review is solely pure affection for something I use 8 out of 12 months of the year. If I didn't live in North Dakota with such extreme winters, I'd ride it all year round... trust me. So why is this scooter so great?

Well, let me tell you!

1. Riding a scooter is the most liberating feeling ever! I always had a dream of getting my motorcycle license growing up as I loved riding with my dad on his, but it just never happened. The classes were in the summertime when I was working most, and I never went in to take the test. SO, when Caleb bought his Ruckus and let me try it out, I had such an adrenaline rush! I was hooked from that very moment on.

2. Riding a scooter is easier than a motorcycle and requires only your standard driver's license, yet you still get to go up to 40 mph. I know, I know, not exactly motorcycle speed, but hey, it gets me around town everywhere I need to go.

3. I pay around $3 in gas maybe every third week. It doesn't get better than that, my friends.

4. I get to park super close to my destination whether it be a store, work, or a friend's house. Typically there's either an alley with a pole I can hook up to, or I can squeeze into the gaps in-between normal parking spots. 

5. Riding a scooter keeps me minimal. Since I have solely the space under my seat (where I usually keep a bag of sorts) and then whatever I can hold on my back, I'm very intentional about what I need in that moment or throughout that specific day. Unlike a car, you won't find random pieces of garbage, leftover food, or that book from middle school in my truck... there's no trunk.

6. I save money shopping. This one is inline with point #5, but with the limited space it makes me extra focused and purposeful when I go grocery shopping, or let's say shopping at Target. Especially Target! It's so easy to walk in there looking for just one thing and come out with ten, but with a scooter, I don't have the physical capacity, thus saving me money.

7. It's better for the earth than my four-door vehicle. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the most environmental person in the world, but I try to do the simple things like recycle, use limited water, donate used clothes, etc. While the Ruckus might not be a human-powered bicycle, it is a much better option than driving my four-wheel vehicle everywhere. Right?

8. You seem to make people's day. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but when I drive my scooter around town, I get quite the reactions! I've gotten smiles, puzzled looks, joyous pointing, people yelling, 'nice ride' or 'nice scooter', and the list goes on. Of course, sometimes you get this too:

But all in all, it makes people really happy... and totally worth the awkward moments.

9. Sharing the scooter brings friendships closer. Whether your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, best friend, coworker, you name it, you can certainly have two riders on the Ruckus. It's somewhat of a tight seating arrangement, and takes a bit of time for the rider to adjust, but when you get the hang of it, it can be really fun! Some of my favorite memories from this past summer was making Dairy Queen runs with Caleb together on my scooter. The tighter the space, the closer the friendship. (Or something like that.)

10. Have I mentioned its the most fun thing in the world? And I get to do it April - November! Even on my bad days, simply knowing I get to ride the scooter home or around town, would make my day significantly better and more joyful. There's just something about the fresh air, the wind blowing across your body as you drive, and the peaceful sounds around town that makes it pure bliss. 

Bonus: The Honda Ruckus is cheaper than the every day car! You can get one brand spankin' new around $2,600 or buy used (like me) anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000. 

I'm sure there's several more reasons I love my scooter, but that's 10 to kick it off. I've driven it two full seasons now, and I couldn't recommend it more. If you're interested in getting one, I'd love to talk more! Or, comment below and I'll answer any questions you may have. In the meantime, here's some images of my Honda Ruckus for your pleasure:

And, of course, thanks to my wonderful friend and model, Alicia! While she may look incredibly awesome and serious throughout these images, we definitely had a lot of moments of pure laughter. Thanks for riding my scoots for me!

And before you go, I have to give a quick thanks to my husband, Caleb. Two summers ago he introduced me to the Honda Ruckus, and I love it sooo much. Riding around town with you is one of my favorite things. Love you, babe!

P.S. Yes, I do drive my Ruckus in dresses, skirts, you name. Its my every day ride!