Our Honeymoon | Puerto Vallarta Resort Photography

On a more personal note, I got married! On June 3rd, I promised forever with the most caring, fun, patient, talented man I know and it was awesome! On top of it, we were able to escape for eight days in pure paradise at the Hyatt Ziva resort in Puerto Vallarta. I had never been to a resort before, and so when we showed up I was in awe as if I felt like I was in a movie. Literally, everything around us was stunning!

Of course, when a photographer and filmmaker go on vacation, they bring at least one camera right!? Yes, indeed! We did try to keep our camera at a distance most the time so that we could truly soak it all in, but a couple nights we designated some time to explore the entire resort because we just had to get some shots of it. Isn't it incredible!?

From the service, to the views, the weather, the food, all of it was amazing. We whole-heartedly enjoyed our time there and definitely recommend it for all you looking to take some time away. Thanks again to everyone who has celebrated and blessed us so! We can't say it often enough how grateful we are. Cheers! 

And for fun, here's some of our favorite mobile photos....