Moments From Traveling To Colorado | Colorado Springs, CO Travel Photography

This past summer, my family and I (along with my newlywed husband) traveled to Colorado Springs to see some of its gorgeous sights. Colorado is beautiful in so many ways, but some of our favorites were the Garden of the Gods and of course Pikes Peak. Maybe its the donuts, but Pikes Peak was seriously incredible. We were also pretty lucky to see the Garden of the Gods right before sunset when a thunderstorm was approaching so it was quite the adventure. 

Another little surprise, since we drove to and from, was in the Black Hills of South Dakota. On our way back, we stopped at a natural waterfall making for a refreshing break from the car ride, and then even better yet, found a natural-flowing stream along the road just a few miles down. It was perfectly lined with these little purple flowers that you'd see in a dream. 

With that, I'll let the photos tell most of the story. Enjoy!

P.S. At the end there's a video highlighting our time at Pikes Peak.

First up, the Garden of the Gods!

Next, Pikes Peak!

Then on the way home, we found this amazing waterfall + stream in South Dakota...

Special thanks to the whole family crew who made the trip awesome!

...And if you'd like to see more, I made a brief collection of some video. Enjoy!