wedding photography bucket list

we love to travel...

There's just so much to see, and so much to experience. And we want to capture you in your paradise. Whether that's in a thick forest along the west coast, in a large cityscape, or a sunny beachside along the ocean.  

If you're head-over-heels in love, engaged, or getting married in one of the below locations, we'd love to talk more and offer you an extremely discounted session. If you're eligible, we just need our travel expenses covered, and we're on our way! Whether we're meeting at your lovely home far away or together traveling to a destination location, our bags are packed, and ready to share your love story.

Just say hello + we'll share all the details!


"Travel lays the table for the feast you enjoy sitting still at back home."
—Pico Iyer



Joshua Tree, California

Hawaiian Islands

Pacific Northwest

New York City, New York

San Fransisco, California

Redwood Forest, California

Savannah, Georgia

Charleston, South Carolina

Portland, Maine

Boston, Massachusetts 

Zion National Park, Utah

Not on the list? Let's talk!


Wedding by a waterfall

Wedding in a national forest

Destination wedding along the ocean

Backyard wedding

Wedding in a desert

An elopement

A surprise wedding

Treehouse engagement

Camping engagement

Hot air balloon engagement

Any sort of unique adventure



We're always adding to this list! Destination weddings and elopements receive a custom, discounted package, so say hello and let us know of your upcoming adventure.