Jenna + Zane | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

It's funny to think how I met Jenna years ago in the middle of freezing cold, middle-of-nowhere, North Dakota and how her day was anything but that. Jenna met Zane in a season of life where she was confident, not searching for anyone, and of course a life goes, that's when she met her prince charming. 

When I hear the story, it sounds like it took a little convincing right away, but it wasn't long until they realized they we're the one for each other. Of course, doing long distance as they did, certainly made things clear and the heart more fond. And the story only gets better from there. 

On their wedding day, those years of long distance were now over, the cold had left and summer was here, and together they promised forever. What a sweet, sweet day it was.

Love you two!