Class of 2018 | Bismarck, ND Senior Photography

Can you believe graduation is right around the corner!? On every senior session I ask how they feel about their final year of high school, and usually its filled with an answer like, 'I'm ready to be done...' which is precisely how I felt at that time in my life, but what I do remember very well is how fast the year went. Everything is a last this or a last that, and so there's so much to celebrate and look forward to.

I know most seniors around this time of year are stressing about their plans for the fall, but I want to just take a moment to take a deep breathe and celebrate how gorgeous-strong-smart-awesome you all are! From start to finish of every shoot, I get to see you come alive and thrive in who you are, and that's why I LOVE it.

So here's to all of my wonderful seasons from the Class of 2018! May you take in all of these final moments, cherish them, and courageoulsy step into the next stage of your one wild, amazing life.