Shayla + Cam | Fargo, ND Engagement Photography

What to say about these two! Cam has been a long-time friend of my husband's family with endless stories of fireworks I'm sure. So, when Shayla and Cam got engaged, I was incredibly excited that I, finally, would get to meet and know such a great couple.

Shayla + Cam met in high school, grew even closer in college at NDSU, and they're tying the knot next summer! They are both incredibly passionate about downtown Fargo and making it the best community. Even from Bismarck, I'm super grateful for all that they're doing to make our state better. (Oh, and did I mention their adorable, treasured dog, Mochi!?) It was so fun getting the chance to capture them in their element, and I'm even more excited for their fun wedding ahead come next May! Thanks for having me, and congrats on your engagement!