15 Gorgeous Wedding Rings | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

One of my absolute favorite parts of each and every wedding day are the moments spent capturing the elegant little details. Every bride dreams of their wedding day, and spends countless hours with both family and friends making it everything they dreamed it would be down to the very last piece of decoration. One of those key details, and possibly the most important, is the ring. 

The wedding ring is far beyond decoration, and rather a symbol of unity for all that's to come. It's a physical, daily reminder of what you've both promised to each other forever. For these reasons and so many others, photographing rings is something I find so much joy in. It means so much, and is an element of your day that will live on long after your wedding day celebration. You'll go on your honeymoon, you'll start your new lives together, and there your ring will be acting as a constant symbol of your love for each other. 

Here's 15 gorgeous rings that have truly captured my heart. May they be a symbol and reminder to all the brides and grooms that have made such deep, intentional vows to each other. And may their story continue for generations to come.