Adventure In The Badlands | Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The story of this trip really begins over four years ago when we all found ourselves at Northwestern College as young freshman in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Over the course of our time at Northwestern, we met, lived with, and had some crazy moments together. I mean, when you have an eight-girl apartment, that's to be expected right? Fast forward to this year and we've all graduated. We worked hard over the course of four years and completed what we set out to do. Little did we know that graduation meant far more than completing our degrees, it meant new adventures for each and every one of us, even if that meant we're all states apart. 

Surely, we do our best to keep in touch, but to say we were excited about reuniting in the badlands would be an understatement. I, myself, am the only one to previously experience the badlands so I was super excited to share such a gorgeous place with some of my closest friends. They hopped in a car, drove to Bismarck, picked me up, and we were on our way. I even learned how to drive a truck and setup a camper from start to finish. We had the perfect weather for two stunning nights in the badlands, just stunning. Not only did we survive, but we came out refreshed and renewed from such a beautiful trip together.

Again, we may find ourselves in completely different states all across the midwest (and even Mexico!) but our friendships have never been more alive. Cheers to the adventure in the badlands!