Alicia + Caleb | Bismarck, ND Couples Session

I could say so much about this awesome couple, so for now I'll *try* to keep it brief...

I've known Alicia for years, and when she started dating this guy in Minneapolis while we were both in college, I had to meet him. At the time, I was also challenging myself and learning more about photography so thankfully they let me photograph them only weeks into their relationship. (Awkward, right!?) 

But, if you know these two, you know they're all smiles and being goofy, so the session was wonderful, and I remember driving away after we were done knowing Alicia had found her guy. I just had that gut instinct.

And sure enough they got married! It was an honor to be apart of their wedding day, from start to finish, and its been fun watching their lives together ever since. 

June of last year, Caleb and Alicia moved home to Bismarck for a season of their lives while they waited for their next journey ahead. It takes a lot of perseverance and tenacity to wait as they did, and so I look up to them for it. They knew what they wanted, they knew it was the right decision, and they lived it out. 

And today they are in that new journey abroad. The wait has paid off! But before they left, just weeks ago, I insisted they had to capture what this season of their relationship looked like while in Bismarck. Every season counts, even if in the waiting.

So, cheers! Cheers to transitions, new journeys, and this truly amazing couple. Love you two!