Baby Harvey | Bismarck, ND Family Photography

Where to begin! First off, the Reidman family is amazing, and not just for their wonderful sense of interior design (although that's true!). I first got to meet these three this past summer for a fun 6-month-old session and I loved the freedom they gave little Harvey. Boys are alllll about playing and being active, and it was just so much fun to see how they interacted together as a new family.

This session wasn't any different. The moment I walked into their beautiful home, I saw all those photos framed around the house and it made my heart so happy. First we moved into the family room to play blocks of course. Harvey also got to show me his bike! Whether blocks, the bike, his indoor slide, or just jumping on the bed, Harvey had so much fun and shared so many cute smiles. And when it was all said and done, we got a moment to capture just Erin and Tanner. The two people who met years ago, fell in love, and created this wonderful life. 

Thanks so much for having me in your home!