Favorite Frames of 2014

Every year is another opportunity for adventure and growth, and after looking through hundreds of thousands of images from 2014, I think it was just that. We've lived in two different cities from the prairies of North Dakota to the urban suburbs of Minneapolis, explored in the mountains of Canada to the tapas of Spain, and learned from the talented Stephanie Pana in the great city of Chicago

Through it all, we're most thankful for you. We've met so many incredible people, families, and models, both strangers and friends, all with a unique personality filled with profound beauty. You've let us into the most special moments: weddings, proposals, newborns, graduations, and allowed us to capture it all with what we love: photography.

Together, we've created a photograph that will forever be valued. Thank you so much for such a great year. We look forward to 2015 with high hopes and great expectations for the journeys ahead.

Cheers to 2015!