The Best Bridal Parties of 2016 | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

Weddings are so great for so many reasons, I mean come on' everyone gets to look their best, celebrate all day long, and often it involves the most delicious food and drinks. Yah? Not to mention the two people who've promised forever to each other! Lots to enjoy and be excited about.

But... often times there's this great group of people that don't get enough credit for all they do on the wedding day: The bridal party! 

The bridal party celebrates you on several occasions before the big day, dresses in whatever you choose come the wedding day, then they're there throughout the entire day making you look and feel awesome, and to top if off, they often stick around once its all said and done to help clean everything up. Now that's a great group of friends.

So, I thought you all deserved a little shout out! We had some incredibly AWESOME bridal parties this year, and I've found some of our favorite moments from each group. Some are groups looking their best, and some are just hilarious moments. You'll see a lot of smiles, and awkward moments. Cheers to the bridal party!