Chicago Shootout with Stephanie Pana

A really important part of being a creative professional is taking the time to invest in personal passions. While all of photography is very enjoyable, personal projects refresh the soul and is what keeps creativity alive with fresh ideas.

This October I had the opportunity of traveling to Chicago to meet one of my favorite photographers, Stephanie Pana, and to do just that by participating in her Fall Shootout. While the weather was cold, the energy between all the photographers was quite the opposite. It was such a great experience to practice our passion while connecting with other photographers at the same time. We all learned from each other, grew in our skill, and have fun doing it!

Stephanie, thanks for hosting events like this and models, thank you so much for looking stellar on that chilly Chicago day. Attendees, you made the event wonderful and I'm so glad I got to meet you all. I sincerely hope, that someday, I'll get to attend the event again.

Thanks Stephanie, for capturing behind the scenes. Follow her Instagram @stephaniepana!