Favorite Frames of 2016 | Bismarck, ND Portrait Photography

It's crazy to think an entire year has gone by, yet again, but with confidence I can say its been a really great year. From the very first days of 2016 to today, I've been welcomed into so many families homes to capture their precious newborns, I've traveled around the region capturing husband and wife's very first kiss, I've gotten to meet adorable fur babies, and helped seniors in high school show off how truly awesome they are. 

And that's exactly why I love photography. No matter what stage of life, I get to meet people I never would have met, and capture some of the most cherished memories they'll have that'll last lifetimes. It's such a personal request, but I love the community and friendships created that started with an inquiry and a camera. You have no idea how much honor and joy I feel after each and every session to be welcomed into your world, even if just for a few minutes.

You all made my year, and are the reason I get to do what I love. Thank you and cheers to 2017!