Favorite Frames of 2018 | Bismarck, ND Photography

Before diving into this year’s favorite frames blog, I reviewed all the years before, and it makes me so grateful for this pause we take each year to reflect and review before beginning anew.

Coming into 2018, we were expecting some big things, and I can confidently say it was as a great as I had hoped for:

2018 brought an international mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya that will forever shift my perspective of daily life. Capturing those moments is one of the biggest honors of what I get to do with my camera, and I hope 2019 brings more opportunities to serve in this capacity.

2018 brought my first destination honeymoon session in the mountains of Colorado. It was just as magical as I had hoped, and I’d do it all over again. Future brides, if you’re looking… you know where to find me :)

2018 also brought some amazing views shared with my husband. We traveled in the very early moments of the morning to catch the sunrise in the badlands for the date of our anniversary, and just returned from our trip to Costa Rica to celebrate. Both we’re equally full of wonder, taking us aback in awe of this world we live in and I hope 2019 only brings more.

So with that, all I can say is thank you! Thank you for allowing me to do this crazy thing I love + for inviting me into your life to capture you in all of your favorite moments. Our mission is to genuinely capture the real, raw moments of your life so you have memories for a lifetime to come, and we hope we’ve been able to do that for each of you.

Many, many thanks + may 2019 bring the best to us all!