Genuine Photography Meets Lo & Behold | Bismarck, ND Wedding Videography

We have some great news! Are you ready?

When I meet with all of my newly engaged clients, I often get the question about whether or not they should hire a videographer in addition to my services, and my answer has varied over the years, but since getting married myself, my answer is always a confident 'yes' and here's three reasons why:

1. Hear The Love From Your Day: While photos will always be my favorite and top priority, there's some sensory things that video can capture that photos never can, including the audio. Before my wedding I never even paid attention to this, but it was so amazing after the wedding day to listen to the funny things that were said while getting ready, the gasps as I walked down the aisle, and the love that was showered on us during the speeches. I'm eternally grateful to have those words recorded to remember forever.

2. See Your Day In A New Perspective: When you hire a videographer to record your day, that's 2+ more cameras and viewpoints that will be there not only to capture you and your groom, but all of the other moments between your family, bridal party, and guests, that you simply cannot experience in the midst of the moment. The day goes quick, and you should be 100% focused on your partner, so having a dedicated person to capture the full experience of your day from your viewpoint and your guests, is something truly special.

3. Experience Your Day Over And Over Again: Before I got married, I wasn't fully convinced that I needed an additional videographer as we already had a crazy talented photographer, but I'm so glad we did! Getting to watch each part of the wedding day exactly how it happened—with all the real emotional moments, sweet sounds, and perspectives from everyone involved— is one of the best gifts we could have ever invested in for ourselves as a couple. Every year (let's be real, its way more often than that) we get to watch our day unfold and relive in those precious moments because we have a live recording of our favorite day. It encourages us as a couple in whatever season we may be in and strengthens our marriage.

Whew, now I'm getting emotional... but I can't say enough about how important and special capturing video of your day can be. After the many months of hard work, energy, and emotion that you've put into this one, big, amazing day, it will come to a close at the end of the night, and only photos and video will be there afterwards to take you back, remember, and treasure forever.

So, with that, I'm VERY excited to announce a new partnership with Lo & Behold Wedding Films as I believe 110% in the value of what video can bring to your relationship for years to come.

Starting today, we're collectively offering $500 off our packages when you book both Lo & Behold and Genuine Photography to capture your day ($250 off both of our packages). They're one of the most talented filmmakers in the region, and I couldn't be more excited to partner with them to bring you memories that will last forever. (Plus, for all the out-of-town weddings, there's room to save on travel expenses too!)

If you have any questions, please comment below. We're here to help!

And before you go... make sure to watch their highlight video to see it for yourself.