Finding Beauty In The Wild | Bismarck, ND Photography

"Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit." –Edward Abbey

One of my favorite parts of living in Bismarck, is the the beautiful outdoors that are simply waiting to be explored. While most think of North Dakota as flat and barren, Bismarck is quite stunning with its river valley, sunflower fields, and grassy hills that overlook the city. After spending a couple decades in the same place its easy to think every nook has been seen, but that mindset is exactly what withholds us from seeing beauty in a new light which then creates inspiration.

Photography is the art of seeing: seeing beauty in all created things, both humanity and that which covers the earth. While most find themselves choosing between the two, I often get lost in the great outdoors with those closest to me so that my mind can be renewed, and my heart refreshed. Try it sometime— take your art, find a friend, and go on a little adventure.

How do you find new creative inspiration?