Madyson + Shaun Wedding | Timber Lake, SD Wedding Photography

On a perfect Saturday morning in June, we hit the road for Timber Lake, South Dakota to capture Madyson + Shaun's wedding day. Not only was it a gorgeous drive filled with hilly scenery and wild animals, but the wedding day was absolutely stunning from the moment it all began.

Madyson got ready with her gal pals who had the BEST reaction when they first saw her. And then we made the long, muddy trek to the location of the ceremony that for a while… wasn't sure my vehicle would make it, but once we arrived I fully understand how worth the drive it was.

Old Stone Church flooded my memory with my travels to Boston as it's a small Episcopal chapel built of stone in 1923. It was the cutest, quaint setting for something as special as promising forever to someone. It was so dreamy, and everything they imagined.

Thanks for letting me have a front row seat to your big day, Madyson + Shaun! It was so beautiful and a truly honor to be able to capture it all.

Cheers to many years of love ahead!