Katy + Kyle Wedding | Minneapolis, MN Wedding

What a fantastic wedding! I was first introduced to Katy and Kyle through one of my very good friends, Natalie, and so I had a pretty good idea of how awesome they were, but after our first initial meeting, I knew this was a wedding for the books. Katy and Kyle have such a fun sense of humor around each other, they serve and support each other, and they love to dance! 

For their first look, we got to revisit the area Kyle proposed at and relive that joyous moment. We even ran into a group of segways, and they let Katy and Kyle take a photo with them on segways, how cool! Their bridal party was so enthusiastic, and their family is the sweetest.

Overall, this day was filled with so many special moments from the father-daughter reveal, the piñata surprise, and special dances from everyone involved. It was a joy to capture every single moment, and I wish you both the very best!

Also, special thanks to my awesome team that day — Sean Earl, Nathan Elias, and of course the lovely Natalie who introduced us all. You guys rock!