Tom + Whitney | Bismarck, ND Proposal Photography

For this story, I have to backup just a little...

This past January myself and a group of young adults took a mission trip to Tijuana, Mexico and on that trip I got to meet Tom for the first time. I had known Whitney from previous events, and throughout the week I started to realize how much these two really liked each other. We spent hours, yes hours, shoveling gravel under the bright Mexico sun, and even then, sweaty as can be, these two still had a good time. A couple days later, we all did an obstacle course and slack lined down, and while Whitney was a little cautious at first, Tom was so kind and helped her feel comfortable enough to go for it. Together, they jumped and held hands to the bottom.

While I only got to hang out with them for just over a week, I'm pretty sure that a couple who can work hard together like that and help each other conquer their fears, is a pretty dynamic couple.

So, when Tom surprised me with a 'photo job' a couple weeks ago, I was totally on board! Not only was he going to propose, but he was going to do it on the day he was closing on his (their) new home! Talk about a surprise. I showed up early, hid for a while, and anxiously waited for their arrival. Sure enough, they pulled up, Tom got on his knee, and Whitney couldn't stop smiling! Loved. every. moment.

Thanks for letting me capture your very first moments as fiances! SO excited to see what your future holds in your new home.