Wedding Details | Bismarck, ND Wedding Photography

There's so many elements of a wedding day that make it beautiful, and as a detail-oriented person myself, I find myself drawn to all the individual items and details that together make it all so, so stunning. Details might be small and sometimes underplayed, but just as the small details make us unique as people, they also make our weddings unique to us. 

In today's wedding world, there's so many options (hello Pinterest!), but the small things can really make your wedding stand out, and even more importantly, make it personal to you. This is YOUR day, to remember for a lifetime to come, so think about who you are, think about your story as a couple, and incorporate those elements into your wedding day. 

For example, at my own wedding this past June, we did that by using our love notes over our years of long distance, and all the misc. photos from our adventures together. We also made sure our lovable dog was there for some photos! Whatever it might be, make your wedding day unique to you with every detail large and small. 

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