Winter Adventure | Minneapolis, MN Travel Photography

January has brought transition into my life as I've made the move from Saint Paul to my new home in North Dakota, but it didn't take long for me to find a way to get back to Minneapolis for a visit. This past Friday, I had my Senior Design Gallery opening so we packed up our things and drove to the cities. 

As morning came, I woke up to an entire Saturday to explore the cities with some of my closest friends. It was a forty degree day, the sun was shining, so we grabbed our bags and headed to Minneahaha Falls. While I've seen the falls in the summer months, I had never explored the area in the winter and it was truly beautiful. The falls were almost entirely frozen, while a steady stream still rushed over the icicles down to the bottom. Ice caves were created with visitors climbing up to see the inside. Greens and blues flooded the cave with dripping icicles and moments of open light... such an incredible sight to see.

If the beautiful falls weren't enough, we then stopped by our favorite donut shop, Glam Doll, for some delicious donuts and then looked around Electric Fetus, one of Minneapolis' classic vinyl shops. We almost called it a day, but had one more sight to see: downtown. After parking the car, we got on foot, and found the most perfect view of downtown standing directly about 35W. The sun had just set, the city lights flickered on, and cars constantly raced below us. I am so thankful I got to spend Saturday with such an incredible crew of friends, and will definitely come back for many more adventures.