Kuwinda | Nairobi, Kenya Mission Photography

Day Five

On our final day of helping CMA, we visited Kuwinda, a local community district on the southwest side of Nairobi. We headed to the Kuwinda Baptist Church located in the middle of the Kuwinda slum to do some activities with the younger, nursery kids that weren’t yet old enough to go to school.

As we walked through the slum, the women would greet my aunt with great joy and kids would pop their heads out in excitement to see where we were going. As we saw the terrible conditions of the structures, my aunt shared how this slum in particular had just had a massive fire in 2017 that destroyed a lot of the buildings. It was devastating to see the remnants of a community that was already in such great need.

When we arrived at the church, the little kids were shy and oh so adorable. The outgoing ones would come up to us and want to play, while the more timid kids, would simply give us a soft smirk of a smile. After some announcements and activities with their teacher, we did some face painting and coloring. Most of the younger kids stayed occupied with the activities, but the older ones were more adventurous outside. They’d play in the dirt, practice writing their alphabet on the metal door, exchange turns with a homemade seesaw, and swing round and round with their friends.

When visiting these places, its always so surreal seeing the joy of the kids and how similar they are to any other kid in the world, in contrast to the terrible conditions that they live and play in each day. The same dirt that chickens and pigs were walking in was the same dirt the kids would sit and play in without a second thought.

Together we can support Christian Mission Aid so that they can continue its efforts to serve this community so that those very kids can grow up healthy, knowing the Lord.

Take a tour a Kuwinda:

If you'd like to help CMA’s programs in the Kuwinda community, simply go here and choose 'Christian Outreach - Kuwinda Ministries.' The kids and families in Kuwinda could not be more grateful for your donation, even if its just a few dollars. Together, we can help give them hope through Jesus Christ.