Nkaimurunya Primary School & Gataka Slum | Nairobi, Kenya Mission Photography

Day Four

On our fourth day of ministry, we had learned to expect the unexpected. Our previous day’s trip to Massai Land was quite the experience so while we were slightly exhausted and still processing the previous day’s events, we were excited to visit another school.

We ventured to Nkaimurunya Primary School, a public school just a little southwest of the heart of the city. In Kenya, primary school consists of eight years of schooling starting at age six so it’s similar to our elementary and middle school grades here in the states.

CMA was there to teach their Smart Girl and Smart Boy talks that cover basic health essentials for the students. Sanitation is a large issue in most impoverished areas, which makes it even harder to stay healthy. When the girls received a little bundle with toilet paper, pads, etc. they were so delighted. When I saw the joy on their faces, I instantly realized I need to be more grateful for the health supplies that I use ever so thoughtlessly. To me its a given, but for them its a gift.

What was most astonishing at this school was that each class had literally hundreds of students filling the room AND on top of that, they listened ever so intently. It didn’t matter if they were the older students or the little ones learning their parts of the body, they respected their teacher. The students know with all their heart and mind, that education is their way out of their hardship so they treasure it so, so much.

The question on a lot of these student’s minds is, then, what will happen after primary school? In Kenya, primary school is provided by the government, but then secondary school (our grades 9 - 12) has a tuition fee to attend. As you can imagine, the kids that walk from their home in the slums to attend school (as seen in the photos below), simply don’t have the means to pay for school.

This is where Christian Mission Aid and other groups can help.

For $95/month, we can provide an entire student’s tuition for secondary school. This covers their school fees, uniform, admission, medical, and transportation expenses giving them a full ride to focus purely on their education. To the students, it’s not just tuition, but their entire future for both them and their families.

Take a tour of the Nkaimurunya Primary School & Gataka Slum:

If you'd like to help sponsor a kid to go to secondary school or support the Smart Boy/Girl health talks that CMA teaches to these students, simply go here and choose 'Smart Girl Initiative.' The students could not be more grateful for your donation, even if its just a few dollars. I can see the smiles on their faces, just like we saw that hot day in February.